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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cucumber Punch

This is my families favorite drink when we get together.  So easy and sooo good.  The recipe calls for diet 7-up, which tastes better.  You can use regular 7-up but it does taste different, not as good in my opinion.  During the holidays we use the pomegranate 7-up.  

1 Cucumber
1 bag Ice
1 can frozen Limeade
1 2-liter of Diet 7-Up

Place ice in a large punch bowl.  Empty can of limeade and pour the 2 liter over the ice and limeade.  Slice a cucumber and add to the punch.  Stir, mixing until limeade is dissolved.

This recipe is extremely easy to prepare and taste like you slaved over it.  You can use regular soda, however, it will not taste the same as with a diet version.  During the holidays we have used Pomegranate 7-Up and it is wonderful.